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We started our business when UK & other western countries were in peak of their recession. To give our customers end-to-end cooking experience, we have come up with various accessories that you can use with our Tandoori ovens and enjoy different types of food using PURI Tandoors. This triggered people buying our Tandoori ovens over other BBQ’s available in the market for domestic use. Few of our customers took the plunge and started their own business getting all the help they could from us. It didn’t take long to convince customers that tandoori food is not only delicious and healthy but also you can cook very fast and easily cater to large group of people.

Few business ideas:


We saw people buying our tandoori ovens for small setup businesses like



Location: Netherlands, PURI SS2 model being used at roadside restaurant


This has all been possible with PURI Tandoori ovens as these are mobile, robust and make a great cooking machine. 

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