How it is made?

The clay Tandoors have traditionally been used in the Indian kitchens for the cooking of Naan breads, Roasting the Lamb & Chicken for the preparation of Mughlai type foods with or without curry. Since the olden days, there have been many changes in the Tandoor but the basic concept of cooking in a clay oven has not changed. As per the needs & requirements of the user only the outer body or the shapes of the clay oven - Pot itself has gone a few changes. But the Tandoor has been in use since more than the history has been recording events.

These days, the Tandoors are used for the fast & oil free cooking which is been liked by most around the globe. Also, the radiant heat transfer cooks the meat in a manner that no vitamins & proteins are lost while cooking & the food retains its original nutrition value & flavours. Our Tandoors have been developed with great care & keeping the needs of modern cooking in mind. The Tandoors are most fuel efficient, fast and mobile with almost nil maintenance.

Our clay Tandoors are Made By Hand with great care. The best clay for the Tandoor is only available at few places in North India. A variety of additives are added to the clay mixture to give special strength & effects to the clay Tandoor only to enhance its life at extreme temperatures which can go up to 600 degrees centigrade. This makes our Tandoors more fuel-efficient and is one of the best you can find in the market.