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Instruction manual for charcoal fired domestic tandoori ovens

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Q. What is difference between Standard , Deluxe & Ultima ?
The difference between the Standard , the deluxe & the Ultima models is the accessories which are listed under product description 
The standard models have the following free accessories
1 x stainless steel lid with brass handle
8 x stainless steel skewers with wooden handles
2 x stainless steel naan removal tools/ Skewers ( Hook & scrapper )
1 x naan bread cushion/Gaddi
1 x lump of clay for repairs. 
The deluxe models have all the accessories of the standard model and have 2 additional accessories 
1 x stainless steel Tandoori BBQ Grill/Griddle ( shown in certain pictures )
1 x round weatherproof cover
The Ultima models ( Only in SS1 & SS2 )have all the accessories of the deluxe model and have 3 additional accessories 
2 x stainless steel detachable side tables cum skewers stand ( shown in certain pictures )
2 x extra stainless steel skewers
1 x recipe book ( Tandoor: Great India BBQ by Late Mr Ranjit Rai ) 
Q. What is the difference between the MS1 series, SS1 series  & SS2  series ?
The outer casing of the MS1 is made from ordinary steel or what we call as Mild Steel and has been painted with a special type of paint called powder coating , powdercoating makes the steel casing more resistant to heat & corrosion, the MS1 will age slowly and may require repainting after a couple of years 
The SS1 is the same size as the MS1 , the outer casing of the SS1 is made from Stainless steel and will look the same even after many years, otherwise  both SS1 & MS1 are same in terms of dimension and accessories included, they also have the same sized clay pot fitted inside and their working is the same 
The SS2 is bigger in size and has the outer casing of Stainless steel , basically it can cook 1.5 times the food in the same time as compared to the SS1 or the MS1 

Q: How is it different from a normal charcoal BBQ?
A: The radiant heat transfer method enclosed by the specific shape of the clay oven pot results in less loss of Vitamins and proteins out of the food being cooked. Thus one gets a perfect aromatic flavor full of nutritious values. In other words: Tandoor is a special clay oven, kept at high temperature with smoldering charcoal. Food is cooked on skewers from the heat radiated from the walls, as well as from the smoldering charcoal; this results in the retention of all food values and juices. (Fat free cooking)

Q: Is the clay durable?
A: The clay used in Tandoors is sourced from select location in Northern India (where it is available best) and made by hand into the curvaceous shape by master craftsmen still using centuries old technique and experience. It is reinforced by natural edible additives to give it strength for a long lasting experience

Q: Will the outer body get hot?
A: Yes but not like the charcoal barbeque ones, it will be warm outside as the insulation between the clay pot and the outer body prevents the heat loss as to make the tandoor more economical to use.

Q: How much charcoal is needed?
A: It consumes approximately 1kg of wood charcoal every hour.

Q: What is the life of the oven?
A: Kept with little care it can last long for decades as the clay is strengthened and the body is made on a steel chassis.