Press Reviews


Our domestic tandoori ovens were selected to be used on 'Food Glorious Food' TV show which was aired on ITV1 at 8pm from 27th February 2013 onwards for 9 x TV hours.

Judges scoured the country for the very special dish that everyone in Britain could buy in the stores nationwide. The show was a competition among food enthusiastic cooks who wanted judges to taste their delicious mouth watering home made dishes & the winner not only took 20,000 GBP cash prize, but also his dish was placed on the shelves of Marks & Spencers. 


After a very hectic and successful year in UK/Europe, we are proud to launch our brand in Australia. Our team in Australia was delighted after receiving  invitation call for a photo shoot for nation's leading newspaper 'The Age'. PURITM Tandoors were labeled under:

'The (almost) ultimate foodie wish list...' in the newspaper magazine 'epicure'.

Now we stand among other major BBQ brands and we are proud of it

As the MD of ''The Tandoor Clay Oven Limited", I am so proud of how well my team pulled together and maximised their skills and capabilities in making this happen. I welcome  'Tandoor Living' having our exclusive distribution rights in Australia & New Zealand.

A job well done!



Our tandoor was recently shown in a TV show being used by a popular chef in Iceland. Though the show is in Icelandic language, you can still see our tandoor being used at 32 secs, 13min 16 secs & 15mins 03 secsof the video.

here is the link: