Videos from our customers & distributors around the world - Enjoy

First burn process - Curing your tandoori clay oven

Lighting your tandoori clay oven

Making Perfect Naan Bread. Find recipe on our facebook page

Domestic Tandoors by PURI

Video of our latest 3rd generation ultima model - SS1 ultima

This video was taken using our 2nd generation tandoori oven

Video from an enthusiastic chef using PURI Tandoors


Other useful videos - Domestic / Home Tandoors

Home Tandoors by PURI -

Home Tandoors (with man standing next to it) -

SS2 Ultima in action -


Other useful videos - Commercial Ovens / Repairs etc

Varioous Tandoori Oven Models:

Tandoori Oven - Quick guide to getting started:

Opening of front cover:

Change Thermocouple:

Use of adjustable shutter:


Spark doesn't ignite the pilot:

Scenario 1 -

Scenario 2 -

Scenario 3 -


Change jet when converting oven from Natural Gas to LPG OR LPG to Natural gas

Changing of flow jet:

Pilot flame adjustment (1/4 round to be loosened after tightening it completely for LPG gas as shown in the video):

Pilot flame adjustment (1 full round) for natural gas:

Use sandpaper if pilot flame does not light: