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Get the Authentic Taste with Portable Tandoori Clay Oven

PURI Tandoors, the brand you can trust. We have been in manufacturing and retail industry from the last decade and know exactly what our customers want. With years of experience in Tandoor making, we have designed a perfect BBQ Tandoori oven for domestic use. A Tandoori Clay oven is a superior handcrafted portable product that is made by skilled artisans. A clay tandoor oven is encased with polished high-quality stainless steel that makes it an exquisite product.

This original portable clay oven tandoor for sale in UK is introduced by PURI's who uses natural materials to create cylindrical shape drum with thick layers of clay that prevents cracking of the clay lining. The stainless steel casing is robust and protective made with the high-grade material which protects the outer and also gives the aesthetically pleasing contemporary look to the eye. It is best suited for home cooking which can easily be carried for picnics.

What Makes Tandoori Clay Oven Different from Conventional Oven

A charcoal fired tandoori clay oven makes it different and gives a traditional taste to the food. It is fired with charcoal / briquettes that heat up the clay pot by up to 400 degrees Celsius, which is way beyond the conventional oven.

The food is cooked with the help of metal skewer on which the food is placed and then inserted into the clay oven, vertically. It offers you to cook various types of food such as smoked chicken or meat, kebabs, spicy cottage cheese, different types of bread through slapping it inside, etc.

A Contemporary Twist to the Food

Food is cooked quickly and evenly from outside in with the radiant heat of the clay walls and inside out with the heat of the metal skewers keeping meat tender and moist giving the unmistakable succulent flavor and texture perfecting the taste of tandoori chargrilled flavour.

This traditional way of cooking gives real taste of the cooked food without losing its actual flavor and juices. BUY clay oven tandoori from PURI’s and experience the quality restaurant style dinning at home.

Buy clay oven tandoori online or feel free to contact us for more information on our varied range of products that offer the best culinary experience.

Buy home tandoor with confidence and enjoy what we call is ‘Ecstasy of Indian BBQ'

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