Our Tandoori Ovens provide Heat RetentionDurabiltyFat Free Cooking.

Many people think that Tandoori is a recipe. But in fact, it’s actually a cooking method that has become synonymous with the food that is prepared. Tandoor is a clay oven made of special clay, in fact, it is basically little more than a very large clay pot, large enough to hold a good sized fire and then all the food that gets placed in it. It is designed to provide very high, dry heat in which the food is prepared. A hot fire is build which is provided by charcoals lining the bottom of the structure. It is impossible to replicate the Tandoori recipe as the heat inside the clay pot reaches up to 480 degrees Celsius and at such high temperatures, most foods cooked in a tandoori oven develop a very crisp outer layer without sacrificing moistness on the inside. Because of its cylindrical design, it is very common for tandoori ovens to remain lit for long periods of time to maintain the perfect high cooking temperature for fat free cooking.

Who We Are

PURI Tandoors as a brand is known for its passion for cooking which resulted in the innovoation of our domestic range of tandoori ovens. We are proud to have innovated an appliance (The tandoor), which is an oven of great antiquity, a cooking appliance that, either by accident or by design, is extremely efficient and yet simple to make.

The first Tandoors have been found in the excavations of Harappan and pre-Harappan sites. Where and when the first oven existed is still a matter of continuing research, but generally speaking, these have originated in ancient India. We at PURI Tandoors have not created anything new but have re-defined an old cooking method bringing in to modern world making it easier for busy people still enjoy tender and succulent authentic flavour food at the convinience of their own home.

Benefits of using our domestic tandoori clay ovens

  • Cook restaurant style char-grilled succulent chicken in our Home Tandoor
  • Get smoked authentic flavour of your favourite lamb kofta, chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken etc
  • Cooks naan bread in under a minute
  • Enjoy fat free vertical cooking as fat drips down whilst food is cooked
  • Cooks pizza in 5 minutes
  • Use our Tandoori BBQ grill to cook burgers, fish, steak, sausages etc

Company Detials (UK)

Registered Name: The Tandoor Clay Oven Ltd | Registration  Number: 07169694 | Address: 32 Main Street, Lambley NG4 4PN, Nottingham, UK